Poker Rules For Dummies – Learn Them Now

poker rules for dummies

Poker Rules For Dummies – Learn Them Now

There are many methods on how to play poker without using poker rules for dummies. Even professionals can start learning the rules of the game and still win more hands than you will. In this article, I will share some of the basic rules that can help you learn and apply them on the table.

The most important rule of poker is to keep betting down. When you are sitting down at the table and your opponent makes a bet and you have the money to match, don’t raise and wait until he has doubled. Of course, if your opponent bets again and you have the money to pay him, then you may raise. However, if you’ve bet enough and you don’t need to wait for your opponent to double, then raise.

Once you’ve made your initial hand, it’s a good idea to hold tight on your hand. When you’re holding on a very strong hand, then it’s tempting to over-extend yourself because your opponent will only move up to better hands. So make sure you have enough room to cover both the hand and the postflop.

Postflop, your next step is to see what kind of pot you have when you stand at the table. If you’re looking at all the money, the next best thing is to sit back down and watch how many players are betting down. If your pot is over twenty five percent and it looks like you can have a big hand after the flop, then bet everything from there on out.

Also, if you have a strong hand and you can call, but your opponent raises you, then you should take the early action before the flop. It’s a good idea to go for value plays, but the flop is your last chance. You don’t want to risk being called off two cards in a row.

Once you have taken the early action, then go for value and try to get an opening or a way in with the exception of the river card. For example, if you have an Ace, then a high suited full house is your best bet. When you have an opening, then it’s a good idea to call, but to re-raise if your opponent calls the Ace, or raises and you have an opening to re-raise the Ace to go all in.

Another tip that many new players can use is to check with your eyes when you have the flop or two cards. Most people try to call with their mind. But sometimes you may have the right opening to check, but your opponent was bluffing, so be sure to check and you can beat them on the flop.

Poker rules for dummies are simple. Learn the rules, practice the rules and practice it until you’ve mastered the art. The end result will be a stronger player who knows what he or she is doing.